Welcome to the world of Vibes.

Vibechat is a world where you can send everything by tapping on your screen. It's exclusive to college students. Join this exclusive world now! Send Vibes to connect to everyone, everything! Vibechat gives you various types of Vibe depending on your mood. Each of the Vibes feel different.

Are you ready for the world of Vibes?

Let’s start then!

Open the Vibechat app. Choose a Vibe. Add a message or something else. Choose your friends and send it. Congrats! You've sent your first Vibe. It’s that easy. You can send your friends Vibes in a second.

So, what else can Vibechat give you?
Well, whatever you want. Here are some highlights:

You can send Vibes to more than one person. That means you don’t have to send the same message separately to each of your friends or don't need to create a group chat anymore. You can send your Vibes to multiple friends at the same time. Vibechat will create a new chatroom every time for you and your friends.

Your life is organized with Vibechat. That is because Vibes help you with organizing your chat history. Since you create every Vibe with a different subject, they categorize interactions between you and your friends. So, your old and new conversations don’t mix. Besides, Vibes expire after some time. In other words, they disappear from your screen. You can still find them in a different screen.

You're taking advantage of numerous Vibes which provide unique features. Periodically, new Vibes with new features will be added to Vibechat. You will be able to do more than that.

Download it now to discover the rest of it :)


Vibechat is now available on iOS and Android for you.

We know you are special, so we created an app only for you. Download your app now!

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